BELIEVE International Meeting at CIENI

Recently, BELIEVE investigators traveled to Mexico City to participate in the 2017 BELIEVE International Symposium. At the symposium, collaborators from the United States, Canada and Mexico met to discuss their most recent research findings within the collaboratory. Several investigators presented their progress and engaged in a productive dialogue about the future of BELIEVE. A primary purpose of this symposium was to increase the synergy between the CIENI international collaborators and BELIEVE. CEINI (Center for Research in Infectious Diseases) is a Mexico based group that provides critical care treatment for people affected with HIV.  CEINI also has a large basic research and clinical trial network. This symposium laid the groundwork for a broader representation of people in BELIEVE studies and for the potential in the future to transfer technology for cure clinical trials to developing countries such as Brazil and Mexico.

The Symposium began with opening remarks from Dr. Douglas F. Nixon and Dr. Gustavo Reyes-Teran about the current progress and future of BELIEVE. Dr. Zabrinna Brumme and Dr. Brad Jones later led talks on the molecular characterization of the reservoir, followed by discussions about latency reversal by Dr. Alberto Bosque and Dr. Talia Mota. Other highlights from the symposium include talks about the influence of  MHC markers on infection, led by Dr. Mark Brockman, Dr. Richard Apps, and Dr. Santiago Avila as well as important discussions about how to engage international communities, lead by Dr. Manya Mangus, Dr. Amanda Castel and Dr. Evelyn Rodriguez.

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