HIV cure research involves far more than bench-to-bedside investigation: It requires collaborations among investigators and global communities, persons who have HIV as well as those who care for them, and those who are at risk for or affected by HIV. This also includes clinicians, government, health agencies, and private partners. Our BELIEVE collaboratory has a unique opportunity to meet this challenge with communities who may be among the first to test its innovative HIV cure strategies, so that these communities themselves are a part of the conversation throughout discovery and development.

The BELIEVE Community Advisory Board (CAB) includes individuals from the local community who volunteer to provide an independent advisory voice in our research process through the following:

  • Facilitating community stakeholder participation and involvement in the research process.
  • Informing community stakeholders about proposed and ongoing research.
  • Providing feedback to research teams from the community.
  • Informing community about the science through regular interactions with researchers.

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