2018 NIH Strategies for an HIV Cure Meeting - Wrap Up

A number of BELIEVE investigators traveled to Bethesda, Maryland for the NIH Strategies for an HIV Cure meeting on October 10-12, 2018. The meeting covered a comprehensive range of topics spanning basic and translational research, drug discovery and development, and clinical research.

BELIEVE presentations were given by Dr. Douglas Nixon ("BELIEVE: Bench to Bed Enhanced Lymphocyte Infusions to Engineer Viral Eradication" - Martin Delaney Collaboratory Research Highlights) and Dr. Zabrina Brumme ("A Phylogenetic Approach to Estimate Integration Dates of Individual Latent HIV Sequences Within-Host" - Session II: Quantifying the Reservoir) on day 1.

Day 2 was packed with presentations by Dr. Amanda Macedo ("Dual TLR2 and TLR7 Agonists as HIV Latency-reversing Agents" - Session III: Overcoming Latency), Dr. R. Brad Jones ("BCL-2 Antagonisms Enables CTL-Mediated Elimination of Ex Vivo CD4 Reservoirs" - Session III: Overcoming Latency), Dr. Harris Goldstein (Novel Humanized Mouse Model to Investigate In Vivo Activation and bNab-mediated Depletion of Patient-Derived HIV Latent Reservoirs" - Session IV: Killing Reservoir Cells), and Dr. James Whitney ("Combination Immunotherapy to Induce Viral Remission" - Session V: Immunomodulation and Immunologic Control of Viremia).

Dr. Deborah Persaud presented "Meeting Report: Framework for Initiating Pediatric Studies of HIV Cure Interventions" on day 3 as part of Session Vi: Clinical Trials and Community Engagement, a panel co-led by one of our Community Advisory Board leaders, A. Toni Young.

Overall, the meeting was a great success, allowing BELIEVE investigators to collaborate with other HIV researchers, as well as present data from our collaboratory. 

Be sure to check out the videocast links below for each day:

CLICK TO VIEW: Strategies for an HIV Cure 2018 (Day 1) 
CLICK TO VIEW: Strategies for an HIV Cure 2018 (Day 2) 
CLICK TO VIEW: Strategies for an HIV Cure 2018 (Day 3) 

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